bulk billed eye test

At your eye examination your eyesight and general eye health will be checked. We will ask you questions to understand your eye care requirements and your vision related lifestyle needs. During your eye examination we will test your vision, focussing ability and your eye coordination. If optical correction is required we will discuss the best options for you, whether it be prescription glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. Spectacle prescriptions will be trialled during your consultation so you will see what you vision will be like once you get your glasses.

We will also check your eye health using the latest digital technology and can diagnose any eye health issues. We have excellent relationships with some of Sydney’s leading ophthalmologists and sub specialty ophthalmologists so if referral is required we can provide on the spot referrals. As we age and our lifestyle changes it is important to monitor our eyesight. An eye test is recommended every 2 years and any time if you have concerns, or notice that your vision changes. For contact lens wearers and those over the age of 65, we would like to see you every year to maintain your eye care.